What is this?

Hello. Thank you for coming to w-o-r-d-u-p.biz, your source for excellent custom hand lettered artwork. My name is Nicole and I would like to handwrite something for you. It's easy! You simply choose your size, choose your paper color, and let me know what you want me to write. I'll get to work write away, carefully rendering your words on paper.

Soon enough, you'll have a custom piece of artwork.

Here are a few details to get you started.

What's up with shipping?

The cost of shipping within the USA is included in the price! Awesome! International shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

I will ship orders within ten days of receiving your order. If you are in a hurry, please let me know.

I will ship through the USPS. Small and Medium pieces will ship flat, and large pieces will ship in a sturdy cardboard tube. Please note that I cannot control international shipping timelines.

I'm buying this as a gift. Can you ship directly to my friend?

Yep. Just make sure you include the correct shipping address. I can include a little note inside if you want, just let me know.

What materials do you use?

I use super opaque black India Ink and a variety of papers. The Small and Medium pieces are made on lighter, text-weight paper. Large pieces are made on heavy, cover-weight paper. Please note that the same color choice may vary from Small/Medium to Large. If you are ordering multiple items and want consistent paper, please ask me.

What if I want to own a piece I've seen on your website? Or on the internet?

All of the pieces that I've authored are open edition unless specified otherwise. This is good! This means you can order your own bespoke copy of a piece you've seen elsewhere. I will letter you a new one, you can still choose your color and size. It's that simple. Please note that for pieces with language that I've authored, I will charge a bit more than lettering for language that you provide.

Can I buy your lettering to use on my logo, or my wedding invitation, or on my website?

You can! Just not through this same purchasing process. The pricing will be different and we will need to go through a simple contract process. Just get in touch, we can talk details about your project and figure out the best kind of licensing arrangement. Please do not purchase custom lettering through w-o-r-d-u-p.biz and reproduce it. You are purchasing a custom piece of artwork, like a painting, and if you wish to reproduce it there are other fees associated with that.

Do you do custom orders?

This IS custom! But we can go even more custom. If you are interested in special papers, other sizes, bulk order discounts, having me write you a poem, or tapping into my super nice cursive handwriting, get in touch! I'm happy to talk details. I am also available for commercial lettering jobs.

How can I contact you?

If you have questions, or want to check in about an order, don't hesitate to contact me!

Find me at nicole@w-o-r-d-u-p.biz

Thank you! Enjoy.

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